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Claim Cracker Launch - AI Scheduling Has Arrived | Project Cracker Announcement

Project Cracker, The AI Scheduling Software Company, has officially launched Claim Cracker today - the first product of its kind in the world - a complete AI (Artificial Intelligence) System for Schedule Reviewing and Reporting.

Claim Cracker by Project Cracker

Claim Cracker forms part of Project Cracker's Suite of technologies, a plan to completely change the scheduling industry.

The Head of Business Development and Spokesperson for the firm today said:

"I'm excited to be a part of the launch of the next generation of Project Cracker Technologies. Our goal is to make knowledge accessible to everyone and this is a big step in that process.

"Instead of the status-quo of Schedule Analysis being a technique in the hands of a few, whilst most people are kept in the dark about what is actually happening in their projects - Claim Cracker flips the script and exposes exactly what is inside of a schedule.

"This is the return of A.I. Expert Systems in a big way, this might be an industry overhauling technology."

The Project Cracker Suite is a multi-step plan to shake-up the Scheduling Industry.

Not only do they offer technologies currently in Schedule Review and Analysis - but The Project Cracker Team has plans to take on other stiff, professional only procedures such as cost and risk management, planning, and workflow.

As for the benefits of Claim Cracker, then they are many and here are some broad-strokes:

Complete automation of the Schedule Review Process

Schedule Reviews commonly take experienced, professional consultants a whole day or more to complete.

This involves loading a schedule into another software on the market, choosing desired metrics, running the metrics, choosing which to include in a report, exporting them to excel, then to word, then reviewing, then writing the report, then reviewing again.

Claim Cracker does it all in about 5 minutes.

Claim Cracker's AI (Artificial Intelligence) Rule-Based System, automatically analyzes the schedule and any updates, harnessing over 50 years of combined Project Planning and Business Intelligence experience to do so.

The A.I. Generated reports-that looks as though they were written manually by an experienced consultant - may be all is needed to defend owners and contractors from difficult legal action and heavy financial losses.

Now, Claim Cracker offers this whole service for less than 1 Hours Consulting per project, per month.

But wait, if it is so reasonably priced, is it targeted to put Consultants out of business?

Here's what their Head of Business Development, had to say:

"Not at all-we appreciate and work with consultants regularly; Claim Cracker should be used by every consultant. They know how important Schedule Review is and how long they take to do.

We've created software to save them days of labor costs and man-hours.

What's upon them is to implement Claim Cracker and the rest of the Project Cracker Suite into their business as soon as possible so they might massively scale up their business - and not be on the wrong side of the AI take over!

The first people to implement Claim Cracker into their practice might undercut their competition’s billing by 90% and still turn a profit- that's how useful Claim Cracker is..."

Explanatory Comments

Not only does Claim Cracker generate: 1. A Review of the Schedule, 2. Expert Comments and Recommended Actions - but it also provides explanations so that even the most inexperienced of users may use it and understand why this matters to them.

These explanations were prepared with experts including a multi-year, US University Professor who oversaw their correctness and usefulness.

One-Click Exports

Once the report is generated, the user is to press a single button for the report to be exported to MS Word for printing and signature.

But that's not all - this is the point where Consultants and Advanced CPM Professionals may wish to review the report and tailor it to their specifications.

This is where Claim Cracker works together with another member of the Project Cracker Suite - Schedule Cracker - to add advanced metrics for experienced users.

There is so much that might be said about Project Cracker tech, but to not make this article too long then please Click Here To Apply for The Free Demo Webinar and Learn More Today.

Thanks for reading and take care,

The Project Cracker Team

About Project Cracker

The A.I. Scheduling Software Company.

Project Cracker is the leading global provider of Artificial Intelligence software and information solutions for project-based businesses.

Built around over two decades in the field of Project Performance, extensive Business Intelligence and Software experience - Project Cracker provides state-of-the-art Software Solutions to common problems.

Namely? Guarded knowledge of how to see what's is actually going on in projects, used to take advantage of Owners and Contractors.

Not anymore, as Project Crackers advanced Tech are made to scour through Schedules and make their contents as clear as the sun in the sky.

Then produce advanced reports to defend you from delays, claims, and inefficiency.

For further information about Project Cracker, Click Here to read Our Story.



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