Claim Cracker is an automated project schedule review and reporting software

Identify anomalies, facts, and issues with a schedule and report such findings with actionable comments within minutes

Automated schedule submittal review

Automated cost changes reporting

Executive and analyst reporting in pdf and MS Word® formats


Schedule Submittals Reviews Created in One Click. The A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Powered Schedule Review and Reporting Tool.


Highlighted Claim Cracker Features

Automated Schedule Review Report
Claim Cracker Automated Report.png
  • Automated Response to Schedule Submittal with Actionable Recommendations of the project schedule analysis findings

  • Quickly identify schedule issues and work to a reliable plan.

  • About 100 analytical metrics for the schedule

  • Uploaded schedule baseline and updates are automatically analyzed based on best practices and standards.

  • Track schedule quality over time

  • Identify specific causes of poor schedule quality

  • Improve project schedule to be more rational, reasonable, and realistic

  • Make informed decisions with data

  • For activity-based metrics, an easy activity properties pane to view affected activities

  • Easy navigation between various projects and/or project status dates

Powerful Dashboard
Claim Cracker Dashboard.png
  • Drill into metrics from the project dashboard

  • Graphical at a glance dashboard to help you assess progress

  • Easily identify metrics that are driving poor schedule quality

  • Red, yellow and green indicators allow for management by exception

  • Health and Schedule Integrity scores based on best practices and extensive years of experience

  • Trend Analysis for specific value metrics across all the project schedule baseline and updates

Schedule Health Score

  • Project Quality Reports (30 key indicators of the quality of your project’s schedule integrity and project performance)

  • Schedule Integrity Score for bench-marking

  • Schedule Performance Score for productivity and performance evaluation

Claim Cracker Health Score.png