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Schedule Cracker is a great software to use for project schedule management

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Project progress and performance management and identify anomalies, key indicators, and issues that cause project delay and cost overrun.

Reduce project cost

Forensic Planning

Easy comprehensive project controls

Master schedule analysis


Over 300 Analytical Metrics run automatically and are placed in order of importance. Save Days of Manual Schedule Analysis and Review.

Schedule Cracker


Advanced Schedule Analysis for CPM Professional
  • Quickly identify schedule issues and work to a reliable plan.

  • Over 300 analytical metrics for the schedule

  • Uploaded schedule baseline and updates are automatically analyzed based on best practices and standards.

  • Track schedule quality over time

  • Identify specific causes of poor schedule quality

  • Improve project schedule to be more rational, reasonable, and realistic

  • Make informed decisions with data

  • For activity-based metrics, an easy activity properties pane to view affected activities

  • Easy navigation between various projects and/or project status dates.

Schedule Cracker Advanced Schedule Analy
Powerful Dashboard
Schedule Cracker Powerful Dashboard.png
  • Drill into metrics from the project dashboard

  • Graphical at a glance dashboard to help you assess progress

  • Easily identify metrics that are driving poor schedule quality

  • Red, yellow and green indicators allow for management by exception

  • Health and Schedule Integrity scores based on best practices and extensive years of experience

Earned Value Management & S-Curve
  • The simplest and clearest tool to assess how a project is progressing using S-Curve

  • Produce Earned Value Analysis and S-Curve for Master Schedules.

  • Easily create S-Curves without having to export to Excel

  • Explore and drill down the S-Curve to any WBS level

  • Full reporting on the Earned Value Analysis, including Earned Schedule

  • Generate Discrepancy reports for reported vs. actual

Schedule Cracker Earned Value and S-Curv
Schedule Cracker Milestone Tresnd Analys
Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA)
  • Milestone Trend Analysis (Measure project performance, by tracking the proposed and actual completion dates of key milestones and showing trends over time.)

MetricsTrend Analysis

  • Trend Analysis for all value metrics across all the project schedule baseline and updates

  • Create forecast lines based on the current progress rate

Schedule Cracker Metrics Trend Analysis.
Schedule Cracker Resources Deficit and O

Resources Deficit and Overage

  • Analysis of resources drilled down by associated activities in just a few clicks

  • Drill down from your S-Curve to granular resource deficit and overage data in just a few clicks. 

  • Uncover and address resources problems before they cause project delays.

Schedule Health Score

  • Project Quality Reports (30 key indicators of the quality of your project’s schedule integrity and project performance)

  • Schedule Integrity Score for benchmarking

  • Schedule Performance Score for productivity and performance evaluation

Schedule Cracker Schedule Integrity Scor
Schedule Cracker FDOT Assessment.png

Reliable Robust one-of-a-kind Software

  • Easy to use interface

  • Solid Backend Database for the integrity of data

  • Cloud-powered intelligence engine

  • All submittals and analytics are stored in the Application

  • Schedules are uploaded once and analyses are always there

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